Pete Armstrong

stomping in the woods


Pete lives in a leafy suburb in central Sweden. He spends his days in blue jeans looking after children, listening to Bach and writing stories. These stories have been published by Strukturriss, Wells Street Journal, Art Ascent, Red Planet, Globe Soup amongst others. They are usually in a classical style, occasionally returning to the East Coast of Scotland where Pete grew up. He has also published a hiking book with inadvisable tips and irreverent anecdotes. When given time off he hikes through local skog, trying not to bump into moose. Again.

Story: Dynamic Dogs
Story: Thorns
Emulate Hilary Mantel
Story: It is Still Worth ...
Close to Nature
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Published and Commended Work
Fate's Dice, flash, Strands, january 2021
Shyness, flash, Red Planet Magazine, december 2020
Dynamism of Dogs on a Leash, flash, Art Ascent, Animals, december 2020
Beer and Girls and Eric Bristow, short story, Wells St Journal, autumn 2020
Food Chain, micro, Globe Soup, Survival, october 2020
The Ghost Tour, flash, Strands, september 2020
After the Concert, flash, Art Ascent, Abstract, aug 2020
Even the Darkest Night will End ..., short novella, Strukturriss, one day.
Skog, micro, Globe Soup Micro, A Favourite Place, winner, june 2020
Pizza Parlour, flash, Art Ascent, Sensuality, june 2020
Beware the Strides of March, book of hiking anecdotes, spring 2020
Water, short story, New Millennium 2020
Richard's T Shirt, flash, Vernal Equinox 2019
Time, short story, New Millennium 2018
My Neighbour, short story, Vernal Equinox 2018

Who am I?

If you really want to be a writer, then you just do it, and you just keep doing it and you never ever stop doing it.

I would just keep writing, and writing, and reading good sentences, and write, and read, and write, and read, and do not stop.

Elizabeth Strout


You just have to fail. Believe me, I know that because I failed for years and years and years. I couldn’t believe how long I kept failing. I really was a little bit intrigued by it. But I kept going.

Elizabeth Strout

Book Reviews

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