Monday Morning Blether

Writing Prompts

Write a few paragraphs focusing on two characters leading up to a major decision or crisis. No need to explain where the crisis came from, no need to resolve it. Just focus on emotions up to the decision and immediately after.

But... must write and complete the first part without knowing which way the crisis will go. Only after you have completed this lead up are you allowed to throw a dice to resolve what happens. Then finish with a para or two taking the characters through the decision.

From Hilary Mantel's 10 Rules for Writers:

Description must work for its place. It can’t be simply ornamental. It ­usually works best if it has a human element; it is more effective if it comes from an implied viewpoint, rather than from the eye of God. If description is coloured by the viewpoint of the character who is doing the noticing, it becomes, in effect, part of character definition and part of the action.

Write a quick sketch describing something using this guidance.

Finally, this picture suggests spring, or perhaps something else.

Not really part of the Muse, but worth squeezing in, anyway! Swedish newspapers this week feature Herdis Molinder, who has published her first book at the age of 94. Her story is certainly worth looking up, using a translate function if needed. Gives hope to us all :)