Monday Morning Blether

Damp Writing Prompts

I hope you have waterproofs on, it's going to be a damp prompt this morning. After two weeks of heatwave it has poured here for a week. Yesterday I walked through skog for an hour and came home soaked through, to the shrieking delight of my daughters.

Base a piece on the following:

...she continued walking, the rain now streaming off her...

Learning a new language can be instructive. Swedish has words for ocean, sea, lake, pond, river, stream, but the boundary points are different to those in English. For example in English the Pacific and the Meditarranean are different things, whereas the Mississippi and the Avon are the same thing. In Swedish it is the exact opposite. What I once thought of as fixed geographical definitions in fact are just language!

Write about a body of water that is important to you.

Quotation, from the American Museum of Natural History:

Any drop of untreated water, from a lake, a river, or the ocean, is a world in miniature. The drop can contain thousands of tiny organisms, such as algae, protozoans, bacteria, and viruses.  

Finally a couple of pictures, both local to me.