2020 september

It is Still Worth Painting the Portrait of a Couple when they are Old

I was inspired to write this after reading "En Familjemiddag" (A Family Supper), a short story of Kazuo Ishiguro. This sublime work tells the story of a family and their relations over a single meal. I am a firm believer in aiming for the stars!

My story features a man who was once important, was known across the town, who ran things. Now the couple are old and the boundary of their lives is narrow. Their influence no longer extends across the town, but their lives are still important. Their story still matters.

The story is heavily influenced by my own father, my own family, which makes me hopelessly biased of course, but I rather like it. I like the fact that it focuses on things which the wider town does not care about, but the narrator does. I like the fact that it focuses on people who no longer make headlines, but still live through the same days as everyone else. After all, it is still worth painting the portrait of couple even when they are old.