2021 februari

Dynamism of Dogs on a Leash

This story was first published in Art Ascent Magazine. This is a brilliant thing to have on your coffee table. It's not cheap, and for your money you gets lots of amateur art, mostly visual, some literary. This means the collection is a mix, and there will be some bits you don't like much. You see one piece, not my story obviously, but something else and say, Huh, don't think much of that. Then you turn the page and see something fantastic and say, I love that. So you end up with some art you really do like and it only cost you 200 kronor. Good buy, really.

The piece was inspired by Giacomo Balla's wonderful painting, Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash, and definately not the weird lady from Trumpton. Balla succeeds in capturing lots of dynamism in a static painting, this is my attempt to put lots of dynamism into a static story. His piece was wonderful, I can only hope mine helps you pass a happy minute.